Crop Planning & Economic Analysis

In the winter, Heartland Feeds will work as a team to provide you with professional advice for crop planning for the following year. We will take into consideration crop rotation, herbicide management, feed inventory, feed usage, production goals, return on feed, and management plans to ensure the most economical and beneficial decisions are being made for your farm. In addition, planning for the following year can save you money by allowing you to take advantage of pre-booking discounts on seed and fertilizer.

Analyzing yield and production data each year can be beneficial to any farm operation. We believe that it is important to analyze the data each year to create an accurate idea of the return on the nutritional value of the feed. By analyzing previous years' production costs, we can help you determine which crops will be most economical to grow while taking into consideration the current and projected goals of the operation. By performing an economic analysis, we can create benchmarks for your individual operation, determine cost per ton of forage, and more precisely set increased yield goals, daily gain targets, and milk per ton production targets.

We provide you with:

  • Management and economic consulting
  • Details on manure inventory and nutrient value, and feed usage history
  • An accurate idea of return on nutrition value
  • A useful breakdown of costs to help you determine which of the crops you are growing is providing you the best returns
  • A tool to ensure production goals are met, shows us where improvements can be made, and where money can be better spent
  • Agronomy consultants work closely with nutrition consultants to provide the best quality forage to balance diets and improve performance and economics

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