Harvest Products

Don't let your harvest go to waste. We provide a wide range of forage harvest and storage products including silage inoculants, plastic sheeting, net wraps and bale film to help you in harvesting and storing the best quality feed and assisting in the performance of livestock by retaining the nutrition of your harvest. 

Silage Plastic 

  • Black and white 6 mil plastic
  • Black and white 2 in 1 with underlay
  • Rolled together on 1 roll for covering ease
  • Reduction of covering time
  • Multiple sizes to meet your needs

Net Wraps

  • Manufactured to fit all types of round balers
  • Uv stabilization
  • End of roll indicator
  • 380 KP breaking strength
  • 48” to 67” wide by 7000’ to 11,800’ Long

Grain Bags

  • Manufactured to withstand Alberta winters
  • 2 Year uv stabilization guarantee
  • Consistent gauge thickness

Silage Inoculant

Specific solutions for your Success in forage preservation. As an expert in microbial fermentation, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a range of silage additives to address the specific challenges faced in each crop at ensiling.

By choosing the right inoculant, silage producers can ensure optimal preservation of dry matter and the nutritive value of their silage crops from the field to feed out, optimizing performance and animal efficiency.

magniva silver logo.png

Magniva Silver

Magniva Silver is a unique forage inoculant proven to enhance the ensiling fermentation process, reducing spoilage and forage losses, maximizing nutrient retention and dry matter (DM) recovery from preserved feeds. Magniva Silver also increases fiber digestibility and helps maintain aerobic stability at feed-out.

magniva titanium logo.png

Magniva Titanium

Magniva Titanium helps achieve fast front-end forage fermentation and maintain aerobic stability to maximize the amount of top quality silage available at feedout. Magniva Titanium is the only silage inoculant available that has been reviewed by the FDA to allow claims for improved aerobic stability.

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