• Feed with purpose.

    Grow and improve your livestock with mineral-rich feed and crop seeds. Personalized animal nutrition for dairy, beef and equine that will increase your herd productivity and your bottom line. Request a free nutritional review for your livestock and help your herd thrive.

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  • Alfalfa, Grass & Corn

    Forage and animal nutrition are directly related to increased productivity and your success. Our Agronomy consultants provide crop planning, soil sampling, field scouting, and work directly with nutrition consultants to deliver the best quality forages for balanced diets and improving the performance and economics of your crops and livestock.

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  • Harvest Products

    Don't let your harvest go to waste. We provide a wide range of forage harvest and storage products including silage inoculants, plastic sheeting, net wraps and bale film to help you in harvesting and storing the best quality feed and assisting in the performance of livestock by retaining the nutrition of your harvest. 

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Strengthen Your Herd with Personalized Animal Nutrition

We know you work hard to keep your herd healthy. Not seeing an increase in your animal’s health and productivity is frustrating when trying to grow your farm. At Heartland Feeds we are deeply rooted in building personalized relationships and working with farmers to improve herd productivity for dairy, beef, equine, poultry and small animals. Increase your bottom line in the best economic way through monitoring and optimizing the feed nutrition values for optimal livestock health and performance.

The Benefits?

  • Healthier livestock
  • Increased productivity
  • Economic alternative
  • Long-term support

We're very excited to announce that Heartland Feeds is the NEW Western Canadian distributor for Key-Lix Livestock Supplements!

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Help Your Herd Thrive:

Make work easier with our complete line of premium animal feed, crop seeds and harvest products. Our products will simplify your daily tasks and increase the overall health and productivity of your herds.


Animal Nutrition

We’ll do a herd analysis and customize the diet for your herd to increased production and quality.


Crop Seeds

Produce the best crops to strengthen your herd. We can help you find whats just right for your herd.


Harvest Products

Harvest products to aid producers in harvesting and storing the best quality feed to aid in the performance of your livestock.

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