Animal Nutrition

We service multiple areas of animal nutrition and spend time researching and developing high-quality animal nutrition products to meet your needs. The performance of your livestock we take seriously, and it is our goal to keep improving our knowledge and continue to listen to local farmers and develop animal nutritional products that will enhance the lives of both the animals and the farmer.


From previously being the manager of one of the largest dairy farms in western Canada, our dairy farming economic expert and dairy management consultants have extensive experience within the dairy industry. We work directly with farmers and provide a custom personalized approach to your nutrition needs that will increase your herd's productivity and your bottom line.

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Heartland Feeds is deeply rooted in the beef industry and strives to provide you with top-quality nutritional products and advice to enhance your beef livestock’s performance while reducing your cost on gain. Our animal dietary team all have farming backgrounds and understand the importance of high-quality nutrition products for your beef cows.

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Heartland Feeds carries a wide variety of equine nutrition products and continues to research new and innovative equine products to improve your horse's performance. Our knowledgeable team and nutrition advisors are happy to assist and educate you on how to improve your horse's health and performance through ration control, feed testing and assist owners in easing medical and metabolic concerns through balancing your horse's nutrition.

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Small Animals

Heartland Feeds provides nutrition products and advice for a wide variety of small production and companion animals including poultry, duck, goose, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit and camelid. Keep your animals healthy with a wide range of products from Heartland Feeds.

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Heartland Feeds supports the health of your pets through balanced nutrition. Shop pet food for large, small, active and low energy pets. At Heartland Feeds, our goal is to help your pet thrive so you can enjoy their company for years to come.

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