Key-Lix Tubs

Heartland Feeds is excited to be the new Western Canadian distributor of Key-Lix Low moisture lick tubs. Dealers welcome

Every Key-Lix Tub comes standard with:

  • Chelated Trace Minerals
  • Expeller Canola Meal
  • Beet Molasses
  • Canola Oil
  • Controlled Consumption Technology

Extending Forage

  • Utilizing tubs on pasture to supplement diminishing nutrients will extend your fall pasture; reducing the number of days of feeding stored feeds.
  • Tubs can increase pasture utilization up to 25% by placing in undesirable grazing areas. Cattle will spend 50% more time within 1/2 mile of a tub.
  • Utilizing tubs in confined feeding can decrease forage intake by up to 25% and reduce hidden costs of feeding and infrastructure vs a protein supplement force-fed in forage.

Improve Health & Production

  • Key-lix 20%: Use on good quality forage and pasture. All Natural protein ideal for all cattle stages.
  • Key-Lix 30% Cattleman's: Use with poor quality or fibrous forages. Includes Urea for better digestion of fiber.
  • Key-Lix Weaning Tubs: Use during times of high stress. High concentration of vitamins and minerals to meet nutritional needs when dry matter intakes are depressed.
  • Key-Lix Horse tubs are an economical supplement for all classes of horses containing salt, and biotin. 
  • Key-Lix Sheep tubs are a convenient and economical supplement for all classes of sheep.

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