Small Animal Nutrition

Heartland Feeds provides nutrition products and advice for a wide variety of small production and companion animals including poultry, duck, goose, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit and camelid. Keep your animals healthy with a wide range of products from Heartland Feeds.


Help Your Animals Thrive:

  • Poultry - starters, growers, layer rations, chicken scratch, peck stones, chick feeders and waters, dust bath. organic options are available.
  • Duck & Goose - starter, grower
  • Wild Bird - wild bird seed, black oil sunflower seeds, Sweetlix game bird and fowl block
  • Sheep - lamb colostrum, lamb milk replacer, lamb starter, lamb grower, protein supplement pellets, sheep mineral, salt, pressed protein blocks.
  • Goat - kid colostrum, kid milk replacer, kid starter, goat grower, dairy goat ration, goat mineral, pressed protein blocks.
  • Pig - mini pig pellets, hog grower
  • Rabbit - pellets
  • Camelid - alpaca & llama pellets are available on request.

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