Beef Nutrition

Heartland Feeds is deeply rooted in the beef industry and strives to provide you with top-quality nutritional products and advice to enhance your beef livestock’s performance while reducing your cost on gain. Our animal dietary team all have farming backgrounds and understand the importance of high-quality nutrition products for your beef cows.


We Provide You With:

  • Management and economic consulting.
  • Forage analysis to formulate custom rations.
  • Nutrition consultants that work closely with Agronomy consultants to provide the best quality forage to balanced diets and improve performance and economics.
  • Strong relations with feed mills and suppliers to provide a high-quality diverse line of products and ingredients at competitive pricing.


Help Your Herd Thrive:

  • Mineral - Heartland Feeds Custom Formulated Mineral Line,  Performax Weatherized Mineral
  • Controlled consumption lick tubs - Key-Lix 
  • Bulk feed - complete pellets, creep pellets, protein supplement pellets  
  • Salt - blocks and loose
  • Complete rations - bagged 20kg starter, grower, creep, and finisher
  • Verona Health Solutions - Stockmans Choice
  • Performance additives- Destress, Diamond V Yeast, Calf Manna
  • Ingredients - bagged oats, barley, corn, beet pulp
  • Custom formulated pellets, minerals and premixes
  • Probiotics and other unique products
  • Calving supplies - milk replacer, colostrum, bottles & nipples, electrolytes

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