Crop Scouting & Drone Imagery

At Heartland Feeds we believe that proper and timely agronomic advice throughout the growing season is crucial to each individual farm operation to ensure optimal crop yields and quality are met. As well, we want to help you maximize animal production and daily gains and maximizing your profit.

Aerial imagery is an excellent tool to provide a valuable assessment of the entire field. It allows us as agronomy consultants to evaluate the field as a whole, and assess it for problem areas, crop health, and uniform growth patterns.

Help your crops & herd thrive:

  • Maximize crop yields and daily gain off summer forage stands.
  • Provide timely advice throughout the entire growing season to ensure maximum profitability on crop yields, inputs, and all other production costs.
  • Drone Imagery periodically throughout the season to evaluate crop health, ensure even maturity throughout entire field, and identify problem areas more quickly.
  • Save you time and stress so you can focus on other aspects of your operation.
  • Answer any agronomic questions that you might have in a timely manner throughout the entire season.
  • Provides a non-biased agronomic opinion for your crops needs.

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